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Brrrrrrr........Day 46

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

We woke up to -2 degree temperatures this morning! Thankfully the sun is shining, and its making all the snow glisten, and we've become total pros (it took this native Wisconsinite a minute to get back into the swing of things) at dressing right for these frigid temps. At this rate, the lake behind our house should be frozen solid within a few more days, and ice-fishing and snowmobiling will commence. Looking forward to being a spectator, from my couch, INSIDE :).

I haven't let my walks lapse despite this arctic blast that's set in...I've just added layers, and even more engaging podcasts, and thoroughly enjoying my treks through the neighborhood.

A major milestone being that I've started to take walks by myself (sharing my location with Raj via iPhone when I leave each time).

Health Update:

  • Ears & Sinuses are being quite the difficult body parts right now. ENT actually put tubes in my ears (who knew this was now such a quick in office procedures? I remember it being like on the scale of having your tonsils out when I was a kid...In any event this is supposed to relieve some of the pressure and fluid issues, and they are going to stay there for a while

  • We are trying anti-biotic #3 to try to get rid of these stubborn infections

  • White Blood Cells / ANC holding steady around 670, so they'll test me again Monday before making a call on getting the first dose of the Vaccine.

  • Despite these small issues, I am continuing to feel stronger, but very very aware that this can't all be mind over matter, and I have to be conscious of just how fragile my immune system still is.

What's entertaining us:

  • Card Counter (great acting, a bit dark, interesting integration of commentary on US military and torture, with gambling and card counting mixed in)

  • I've resumed my love affair and obsession with Fresh Air and Terry Gross (listened to a great interview with Dave Grohl on my walk today

  • HIGHLY recommend listening to this episode of the daily for a perspective into a January 6th participant:

What's I'm grateful for:

  • Health care workers who are being heroes everyday as this pandemic persists, and working extra hard as their colleagues fall sick and leave them understaffed

  • These two adorable stuffed animals, that I arrange like this every morning when I make the bed (The bear I gave Ben during his final stay at the hospital, the gorilla I bought for myself during some illness - I like to think of them as "buddies" (something Ben and I used to call ourselves) who are cozy hanging out all day

  • Headed to get some of the the best pizza (curbside) in town as soon as I leave this doctors appointment!

Happy WEEKEND everyone!

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Sam Dorman
Sam Dorman
Jan 08, 2022

I don't think I understand -2 degrees


Nolan Lehman
Nolan Lehman
Jan 08, 2022

Every day moving forward! The ear infection is a little worriesome - but I'm sure the new antibiotice will help - I hope. I had tubes in both ears as a kid, Love your new winter look!

As always, love ya, uncle nolan.

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