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Evusheld & Ever-Ready for Exiting this Recovery Phase...Day 51

Its official, I've got two Evusheld shots in me (and a pretty sore tush to match!) That means I've got a bunch of monoclonal antibodies (tixagevimab co-packaged with cilgavimab to be precise), swimming through my body, and the hope is that it means I now have SOME level of protection against COVID. I've gone 51 days with no protection at all, during arguably the riskiest few weeks since the pandemic to be unvaccinated, so this certainly brings some level of relief. That said - it changes absolutely nothing in my daily routine - with a still VERY weak immune system (an ANC hovering at 692) and the rampant OMICRON variant EVERYWHERE...I'm in strict isolation here at Chateau Paradiso for many more weeks to come - but still worth celebrating this SIGNIFICANT step, and does usher in does of relief on the covid front.

I found this very helpful and very scientific graph that I thought I'd include for anyone that wants to geek out on how these antibodies attach to the spike protein.

In other news, as I'm *hopefully* around the half-way point of my time here in recovery mode in Wisconsin, I'm growing more ready by the moment for everything that's awaiting me/us on the other side of this all. I know this time is critical, I can't rush it, I need to maintain my focus on getting better, I should appreciate this special time Raj and I have without many of the distractions of the outside world....and I'm ready now (psychologically, emotionally, spiritually, and otherwise) to resume the chaos of the world.

I was reminded that it was about this time in my recovery the last time around that I was able to start having visitors, and eating dinner outdoors at restaurants, and even participating in outdoor social gatherings with lots of people...This recovery doesn't off those same perks, so I think I'm feeling that a bit at this point in the process. That said the last recovery also didn't come with a fiance, so I'm pretty damn lucky on that front :)

What's Entertaining us:

  • Loved the podcast about the history of the Golden Globes on The Daily (as you might know I'm an award show junkie, and really missed the Golden Globes this year.

  • Finished Season 1 of the reboot of the Wonder Years - we really enjoyed this on Hulu

  • Read this article: "What if There's no such thing as closure" or listen it to read on Sunday's edition of the Daily...its fascinating, its relevant if you've ever experience loss, and it features the thinking and writing of Pauline Boss, a brilliant writer, researcher, Phd, and therapist (who is from New Glarus, WI!)

  • Wordle: I've jumped on the bandwagon!!! 2nd day of play today:

What I'm grateful for:

  • The intellectual stimulation of being back in the flow of work and dreaming up a new major part of my company...It feels nice to walk upstairs each day, sit at a desk, and focus on something other than white blood cells :)

  • WE Energies. We lost power last night, spent 3 hours by the fire - and they worked super fast to restore it! Thanks for great customer service and making sure we didn't have to sleep in our outside arctic gear.

  • Goldbellys and the continued generosity of Adam Lioz & Mei-Wah...Tonight it is ratatouille pie for dinner from Perfect Pies in Baltimore! Such a treat!

  • This painting from Charlotte & Livi Uretz, my adorable nieces (cousins daughters) who I miss and love very much!

More beautiful snowy sunsets....

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