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Welcome to BE RIGHT BACK: Third time's the charm - my personal blog to keep family and friends in the loop as I embark on the recovery from Bone Marrow Transplant #3.

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DAY 100 Has Arrived!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Day 100 is a milestone that many stem cell transplant recipients circle boldly on their calendars as the turning point in their...

Life is getting busier...Day 87

Let's take it as a good sign that as my days become more filled with the normal activities of everyday life, the blog posts grow a bit...

Ben, Birthdays, & Being a diabetic? Day 80

It has been a whirlwind of a few days - as much as that's possible in this quasi-quarantine life of ours. Raj and I spent a few days at...

Jessy’s Home

This is Raj and Sherry. After a stellar performance at the hospital, Jessy has returned home and is chillin. Consensus from the medical...

Liquids, Losses, & Love...Day 67

If I stay on track...I should officially be at the 2/3 mark of these quarantined days away from the world. The magic timeline is 100 days...

PACKER (pitty) PARTY - Day 63

I hoped this post would be stanza after stanza gloating about the Green Bay Packers playoff win and my anticipation of the next week's...

National Cheese Lovers Day - Day 60

It is only appropriate that as I write from America's Dairyland, as a VERY proud cheesehead, I take a moment to honor this very special...

Joy Ride! Day 56

Breaking News: Raj & Jessy crossed state-lines and LEFT Wisconsin (temporarily)! After more than 60 days in one place, we former-jet...

Frustrated on a Friday! Day 54

It can't be sunshine and rainbows everyday. Especially when its been 54 days (+6 of chemo and radiation) since you've been permitted to...

Brrrrrrr........Day 46

We woke up to -2 degree temperatures this morning! Thankfully the sun is shining, and its making all the snow glisten, and we've become...

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While it will be a while before I can meet you for a glass of wine or a delicious dinner, I hope to stay in close touch in the months ahead! Here's how to reach me:

1360 E Friess Lake Drive, Hubertus, WI, USA

Jessy's Cell Phone: 4145205655

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