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Welcome to BE RIGHT BACK: Third time's the charm - my personal blog to keep family and friends in the loop as I embark on the recovery from Bone Marrow Transplant #3.

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Reflections & Anniversaries...Day 38

Three years ago today - we were all busy getting ready for Ben and Abby's Wedding in Washington, DC. It was a magical evening - as many...

Are your ears ringing? Day 36

Greetings from Froedtert Hospital. I'm hiding out in what they tell me is a very clean and safe room, double masked, and hiding from...

ANC 437 - the wait continues...Day 25

As I was dropped off outside this building this morning it was with near certainty that this Friday would bring the news I was waiting...

Hurry Up & Wait...Day 22

I've tried to come to these daily posts with as much optimism and good spirit as a I can muster...but today its a bit hard to put on a...

HOME ALONE for Raj & Jessy - Day 19

We might be 46 and 40 respectively, but its the first day in more than 3 weeks that we've been left to tend to ourselves :). We thought...

Still waiting for ENGRAFTMENT, Day 15

I had hoped to hear that Ild hit the magical numbers today to indicate my new bone marrow had engrafted, but alas- no such luck! A little...

Losing track of days already… DAY 10!!

I was accidentally stuck on Day 8 for two days… what a relief you can edit these posts and I’m further along than I thought!! Toay should...

New destinations: Mailbox & Lake - DAY 9

I used to take to Facebook on the regular to post about touching down in London or Delhi or Amsterdam. That very much feels like a...

My new immune system is 1 week old! - DAY 7

One week into the new immune system. Pretty crazy to think that my body's immunity is actually about the equivalent of a new born baby -...

Happy 1st Night of Hanukkah - Day 6

Latkes & Chana Masala were on the menu this evening for this household of Hin-Jews :) Raj made his mom's famous Chola, and Jim fried up...

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While it will be a while before I can meet you for a glass of wine or a delicious dinner, I hope to stay in close touch in the months ahead! Here's how to reach me:

1360 E Friess Lake Drive, Hubertus, WI, USA

Jessy's Cell Phone: 4145205655

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